Eminent Speech Outline

Storytelling Arc:

1)Intro-characters (Blackwell family), setting(1800`s)

2)Conflict Introduced-no one will take a female applicant to become a doctor

3)Rising Action-Receives first letter (talking about the student vote)

4)Rising Action-Gets accepted into a medical college 

5)Rising Action-Students and staff are opposed to her admittance

6)Climax-Earns respect and graduates from medical school

7)Falling Action-founds a women`s medical college

8)Falling Action-sister follows in footsteps (third woman to go to medical school)

9)Resolution-Explain the difference and the enormity of what she did

Eminent Introductory Blog Post

Elizabeth Blackwell

Imagine a time when only half the world`s population was allowed to practice medicine. They were qualified, but society had decided that they weren’t good enough. My eminent person for 2017 is Elizabeth Blackwell, and she changed society. Blackwell was the first woman to receive a physician’s degree at a US college, and later founded a college that trained women to become physicians. She was the first woman to ever stand up to society and fight for the right to save lives. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but Blackwell forged a path for the right of a medical degree. Thanks to Blackwell global Universities and colleges of medicine allow women into their ranks. Moreover, Blackwell was not only the first woman to receive a medical degree in the US, she also founded a college of medicine for the pure purpose of training women. Blackwell was an amazing person who changed the face of medicine.

new-york-infirmary-and-womens-medical-collegeAn attribute I admire Blackwell for is her persistence and determination towards her goals. She was patient and never gave up on her dream of becoming a doctor. She was not only the first woman to go to a medical college, but she also was determined to fight for the people who would follow her. She did this by founding her own college for women interested in becoming doctors. This college was known as the Women’s Medical College of the New York Infirmary for Women and Children. The hospital is now known as New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital, and is still a teaching hospital to this day. Blackwell`s perseverance and determination changed the way the medical community operated.

However, a barrier that I will have to face while doing this project is the difference in career opportunity that I have as a female in the 20th century. I will face this barrier by being very open in talking about the difference in opportunity from the 1800`s to now. I

New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital

New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital

will also be sure to talk about the difference that Blackwell made for gender equality to this day, through both her personal accomplishments and her constant persistence of women`s rights in medicine.

In my eminent project, I am very interested in learning about why no woman was a physician before Blackwell in the US. Moreover, it would be really fascinating to learn about why she decided to create a woman`s college, and how she managed to work her way through a field so biased about gender. Moreover, I think that it is important and interesting to look at the difference in gender equality in the medical field in the 1800`s to present day. There are many fascinating things to be learned from Elizabeth Blackwell, and I hope to explore her story and the difference she made further in my project.

Elizabeth Blackwell is one of the many eminent women throughout history. She created a path for women to have careers in medicine, and founded a teaching hospital still operating to this day. Elizabeth Blackwell persevered through everything that society threw at her, and achieved her dreams. Blackwell was an amazing doctor and had a huge impact on today`s world.

Library Blog Post

             The field Trip to the Library greatly helped me grow both my personal research experience as well as my information on my eminent person. This trip put my dewy decimal system knowledge to the test and helped me grow an appreciation for the people who must organize all the books. Moreover, I now have an appreciation of all the hard work collecting and recording all the information I found would have taken. I feel that the enormity of all the information held on certain people has made me realize how much of an impact one person can make in the world. The trip helped me take more initiative in my project, and made an impact in my motivation towards learning in general. I feel that the trip made me realize how much my Eminent project could help me grow as a lifelong learner. As well as how fortunate I am to be in a program where I can have a say in what and how I learn. In addition to the information I found on my person I also feel that this trip brought everyone closer together through the incredible task of finding certain books in the huge building.  The Library trip was an amazing way to grow as a TALONS learner.

Dad is Dying Response

The negatives that come with Sam`s lie certainly outweigh the positives. I believe this because we don`t know about the future repercussions Sam and his family may face. Since the story ends right after Sam confesses his lie we don`t know how the neighbors will respond in the aftermath. The entire town may be angry and upset with the family, and at some point Morley is going to find out. When Morley finds out about Sam`s lie she will obviously be super mad. Considering this, I feel that Sam should have just told the truth about his dog being sick. This is because the repercussions of crying over your dog is just a bit of humiliation, but it would blow over. However, the truth about his lie could destroy his credibility with everyone he knows. Not to mention the uncertainty of how people will treat his family now that they know he lied. In addition, the negative impact on those around him during the duration of his lie could be detrimental. The ice cream girl could be fired for giving him free ice cream, and the school councilor could loose her job for not believing him and for coming up with a false meaning. Overall, the negative effects of the lie are unpredictable and the lie was not worth it to anyone.


 There is a story that a man and not a man
Saw and did not see a bird and not a bird
Perched on a branch and not a branch
And hit him and did not hit him with a rock and not a rock