Eminent Speech Outline

Storytelling Arc:

1)Intro-characters (Blackwell family), setting(1800`s)

2)Conflict Introduced-no one will take a female applicant to become a doctor

3)Rising Action-Receives first letter (talking about the student vote)

4)Rising Action-Gets accepted into a medical college 

5)Rising Action-Students and staff are opposed to her admittance

6)Climax-Earns respect and graduates from medical school

7)Falling Action-founds a women`s medical college

8)Falling Action-sister follows in footsteps (third woman to go to medical school)

9)Resolution-Explain the difference and the enormity of what she did

One thought on “Eminent Speech Outline

  1. Great outline Sarah! Sounds like an intriguing narrative for your speech. Now that you have the skeleton of your speech planned out, work on expanding on each of these points with details that you will directly use in your presentation!

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