Eminent Annotated Bibliography


This resource contains a detailed summary of her struggles to become a physician. It touches on how she was rejected by schools all over the country just because of her gender. It also talks about the vote that eventually allowed her to achieve a medical degree.



This website states her accomplishments in a brief format, touching on her major setbacks and accomplishments, specifically her rejection from medical schools. This site very briefly summarized Elizabeth`s lifelong work, as well as allowing for you to compare her achievements to other famous women in history.



This article touches on important gender issues still facing women in the medical field today. It articulates how far we have come, but also how far we still must go to solve gender inequality. The article also touches on why pay gaps might exist, and what we can do to reduce them.



This resource contains a detailed biography of different points in her life. The site touches on her background and education as well as her historical achievements.



Wikipedia offers a complete biography of Blackwell`s accomplishments, and struggles, most information on the web about her is centralized on this website. The site shows Elizabeth`s early childhood all the way up until she dies. It shows how she affected society, and showcases just how much she did with her life.

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