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During the Night of the Notables there are three aspects of Elizabeth Blackwell`s legacy that I focused my learning center on. I focused on her accomplishment of opening a medical school in both America and London, and on the difference those schools made for society. Lastly, I talked to people about the difference she made to gender issues and how far we still must work to eradicate these issues. My goal was to leave an impression of how much she did for society to this day.


As the first woman to be a recognized doctor in both America and Britain she still has an amazing impact on today`s society. By founding both the New York Infirmary, and the London Medical School for Women Blackwell helped forge a path for all females in the career of medicine. I tried to convey this to the people who came to my station through pictures and talking to them about these schools. I hope that people walked away with a realization that at some point in time there was no possibility of having a medical career if you were a girl, as well as a newfound appreciation that we acknowledge gender issues in today’s world.


Another topic I wanted to convey to people coming to my learning center was the difference she made to today`s world. Being the first recognized doctor, as well as founding two schools makes her a very important figure in today`s world. Not only was she the first female but she made it possible for so many to follow her by founding medical schools for women. She dedicated her life to teaching medicine to those who no one else would teach. She made today`s world possible, and helped people realize gender issues. I hope that the people who came to my learning center left with a sense of what the world would be like without Blackwell, and a thankfulness for all that she did.


Lastly, throughout my learning center I had statistics showing wage gaps in today`s world. I wanted to convey a sense of where we still needed to go concerning gender issues in both the medical field and the rest of professions. I interviewed multiple people who worked in the health industry on how they felt gender issues were addressed and had these interviews transcribed for the Night of the Notables. I felt that it was important people realized that we still had a long way to go to solve gender discrimination in society.


Throughout my eminent study I came across three main ideas I wanted to get across at Night of the Notables. These topics were showing what we still must accomplish to solve gender issues, as well as what a huge difference Elizabeth Blackwell mad on the world. I also wanted to convey how much she did, and how she chose to help others throughout her life. At Night of the Notables the people who came to my learning center hopefully left with three big ideas embedded in their brain.

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