Eminent Night of the Notables Reflection

The Night of the Notables was a great experience, and was very successful. Throughout the eminent person project, I feel I was largely productive, and had things done on time. I met most of my goals concerning time management and quality of content. My learning centre was engaging, and I had some interesting conversations with people walking around. The Night of the Notables was an amazing way for everyone to showcase their eminent person, and to share their experience with others. I was very impressed with everyone`s dedication to the project, and the amount of time everyone put in to learning about their person. Night of the Notables was an amazing success thanks to everyone who put it together.


My goals for the project were to stay on task and on time with all the aspects of the project, while still handing in the best quality work. I feel tat I met this goal, since there was not a lot of rush the day of eminent, and although the weekend before I was a bit busy, it still was not too hard to handle. I could have done a bit more of my learning centre during speech week, but overall my time management was great. I had my research done in plenty of time with links and detailed notes which greatly helped me with other aspects of the project. I am very happy with how I organized my time over the course of eminent.


Night of the Notables was an amazingly successful event that allowed everyone to showcase their chosen eminent person. One thing I will remember from Night of the Notables is the speeches and how engaging everyone`s speech was. Some speeches were funny, some were solemn, and the transitions really helped the flow of the presentations.  I am so grateful for the grade 10`s for putting together such amazing speeches, they really inspired me. The speeches set the mood for the rest of the evening and I feel that everyone did an amazing job including the audience in their speech.


I would like to thank the teachers, janitors, and peers who did such a great job helping with this event. Everyone was so supportive of one-another, and the janitors were very considerate of our event. Ms. Mulder did an amazing job organizing leadership committees and helping us all out with any questions we had. Mr. Morris and Mr. Salisbury were supportive and constantly reassured our shaky nerves at Night of the Notables. Most of all though I would like to thank my classmates, I really thought everyone did an amazing job and was really supportive of one and other. Everyone involved with Night of the Notables deserves being recognised for making it such a fun, engaging, and successful event.


Night of the Notables was an amazing event. Everyone really came together to make it a success. The grade 10 speeches were amazing, and everyone’s learning centers were well prepared.  I am happy with how I met my goals for my project, and how much I learned about myself in the process. Everyone who came to the event was really engaged and invested in the projects. The Night of the Notables was a very successful event.

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