ZIP Project Proposal

Throughout the ZIP project I want to learn about how an audience can impact an authors story. I think it would be interesting to consider how authors write for specific audiences.  I want to consider the differences in plot, vocabulary, and main ideas for different audiences, to find out if there is a specific writing style that authors use for different audiences. As well as look at how audiences would perceive the same story. Such as if children stories have the same effectiveness on older audiences. I am choosing to do this topic because different books for audiences are written very differently, and I want to explore how authors perceive these differences.


Personally, I don’t know a lot about how authors write, or about how audiences perceive different stories. However, I know that there are specific vocabulary differences in children`s books, to novels for young adults. Often children`s stories are short and often include life lesson`s. However, novels often have more metaphorical life lesson`s that are much farther to find. I don’t know a lot about my topic but am really interested in learning more about different audiences.


I can approach different authors or people who have interviewed authors in the past. I can also approach the library and see if any of the librarians would be willing to talk with me about their experiences. There are many online interviews with authors that I can use during my project as well as trying to get an interview of my own in the community. There are many different people with literary backgrounds that could be helpful throughout my project.


Other resources that can help me with my project on audiences include, online interviews with authors, book reviews, and surveys. Online there are a lot of interviews with authors that can help me learn more about how authors are impacted by their audiences. Moreover, any book reviews that are online can help me since they can help me by giving me a different perspective. There are many different resources that I can use to assist me in my project.


A way I can demonstrate my learning throughout this project is to do a lesson with the class demonstrating the impact audiences have.  I can teach them what I learned throughout my project, and have each group come up with a story towards a different audience related to the same plot line. This would demonstrate my learning since it would show that not only do I understand what I learned but I could also teach it to others. The class would remain engaged and invested in the lesson, and would walk away with new and valuable information concerning different audiences. We can share our stories to the class so that everyone can have an idea of what differences we included depending on our audience.


My Schedule:

Dec.4th Proposal

Dec.15th Research done

Dec.20th Project/Presentation Complete

Dec.22nd Presentation is practiced and finalized

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