ZIP Doc of Learning #1

Throughout the last week I have finished my proposal and started to collect sources and information on my ZIP question. Reflecting on my schedule that I set in my proposal there are a few dates I think I will have to change. While conducting my research I have realized that there is a lot of recourses that talk about the aspects of my question. However, it will take me a while to compile and decipher all my notes. Therefor, I want to change my Dec.15th research date to the 13th and I will have a document with all my compiled and transcribed work by the 15th. This way my end project will be easier to accomplish, as well as my findings will be much more organized. Having another document will also help me make sure that all my findings are as in depth as possible and that I don’t skip over any big aspect of my ZIP question. Other than changing those dates I feel that my schedule should work out well. I still feel that a week of practicing and preparing my final project will help make sure that I can come back to a fully polished performance after Christmas break. I feel that I must make one minor change to my schedule, but other than that everything with ZIP is going really well.

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  1. Good to know that your changing your schedule to adapt to your needs! :) Great job on knowing that in depth notes are better than shallow one. Other than your schedule, how is your actual research going? Are all you notes related to your question?

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