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What new questions have come up during your inquiry? Will you include these in your final presentation or might they be saved for future research or assignments? Do these questions help narrow your focus or do they distract you from your original proposal?

There are many questions that have come up throughout my in-depth study of audiences. Some of these questions have added to my understanding of my topic however there is one question that has distracted me from my research. While researching I have come across a type of audience analysis that includes utilizing statistics. The question that came from this is, in what ways does statistical information regarding specific groups attribute to stereotyping. This question does not directly relate to my topic in any way, so it will not be included in my presentation, however I believe it is a very important realization that stereotypes must come from somewhere. The fact that writers, speakers, and politicians would be influenced by this information in certain ways could help perpetuate the topics of stereotypes in a negative way. Since we draw different meanings from information like marital status of an audience or their race these databases may attribute to negative ideals towards specific groups. Speakers and Authors all over the world associate this information as completely accurate in their field, this may cause the spread of certain assumptions associated with minority groups. This is just one of the questions that has come up during my study and I definitely think I will consider doing a project on this concept. There are so many different questions surrounding audiences.


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  1. Sarah,

    Well done! It is wonderful to see you acknowledging other areas of importance / interest outside of your initial inquiry question and putting them to the side for further study later. This is the mark of a great researcher: the ability to recognize information that is relevant and irrelevant to their current focus.

    Keep up the great work Sarah — I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours!

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