ZIP Doc of Learning #3

Advice I would give to myself if I was too go through this process again is too constantly organize my notes and to categorize the aspects of my question. While doing this inquiry project I have realized how important it is to keep your notes organized and under subtitles. This comes into play when you are organizing a presentation, having pre-set subtitles helps you create headlines and make sure you don’t skip over any important information. My notes that I took throughout this project were detailed but not very easy to decipher and it took me a while to extract the main ideas. I know that from now on I will be bolding important info whenever I am taking notes to make sure I don’t have missing or repeat information in my presentation to the class. This is important since it allows me to create a presentation more efficiently while not missing any information. If I was too retake my notes I would organize them much better in order to make the presentation easier to create.

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