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Industrial Revolution


The Industrial Revolution follows the same path as many other conflicts in human history. The Industrial Revolution is like the American Revolution since both conflicts resulted in advances of democracy. Both these conflicts were led by oppressed peoples who felt they had to change the way the government worked. In the Industrial Revolution people were forced out of their jobs by machines and looked to the government to reform. This is like the way that the American Revolution was a result of people being oppressed by a government they didn’t believe in. Other Revolutions such as the English civil war resulted advanced democratic governments. The Industrial Revolution is like many other revolutions throughout history.

The Industrial Revolution is an example of a resolved conflict. The wheel eventually ends in the government reorganizing the economic structure enough so that they solve the labor crisis. The step taken by the government is still seen today based upon the amount of people living in cities successfully. However, there are still many consequences caused by the Industrial Revolution, such as a short term decrease in quality of living. Political actions took time to achieve and put into place so there were many years of exceedingly harsh living conditions. A positive outcome of this event however, was expanded voting rights, and a revolutionized economy. The Industrial Revolution had many consequences but was eventually resolved.

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