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“I see but say nothing”

(Queen Elizabeth I of England)

My Eminent Person for 2018 is Queen Elizabeth I of England. Queen Elizabeth was a revolutionary female ruler in a misogynistic English societal time. Elizabeth created a new political system steadying the chaotic rulership that was previously apparent in the English monarchy. Similarly to Elizabeth, I have a passion for learning from conflict. She expresses that “the past cannot be cured” therefore we should learn from our mistakes and move on with our lives (Elizabeth I). Unlike many female rulers, Queen Elizabeth held her power on her own without a male suitor. At a young age she began courting kings and rulers from other lands to befit her kingdom, and she always kept them enthralled by her every whim. Elizabeth ruled with logic and honesty; she appealed to society because she was different and the same. By being a female ruler, she was entitled to a stereotypical weakness in her reputation that many elizabeth-iof the gentry sought to exploit. However, this weakness of femininity turned out to be exactly what England needed. England was still weak from the conflicts of Henry IV’s gallivanting escapades and numerous wives. Moreover, the five years after Henry IV’s death was full of chaos of multiple rulers who put their own agenda before their people. Although Elizabeth was Protestant and reinstated a protestant church she still inspired a sense of stability that was sought after during her time. Facing the challenge of a divided nation with a clear head is just one of the reasons she is a worthy eminent choice. By being level headed she won her country over, and England enjoyed a peaceful stable atmosphere during her reign. I admire Elizabeth as a steady character under extenuatingly stressful circumstances. I hope t emulate her level head in my future. Queen Elizabeth I will be remembered for centuries to come as an entrepreneur of English political advances in the 15th century. She was an advancement in her field of monarchist rulership as a quiet hand guiding her nation. Queen Elizabeth I was revolutionary of morals at the time, stating that “I am Elizabeth Tudor and I will bow to no man” as a solitary figure in women’s rights during her era (Elizabeth I). Although she is eminent, there are still barriers to me completing my Eminent project. Queen Elizabeth lived over 500 years ago, and there is limited information from sources regarding factual untampered written works. To address these barriers during my speech I will ensure to integrate her voice from her own written works into my expression of her character. One way that I am like my notable is that both she and I have a strength of mediating groups and working within a structured society. Much like Elizabeth I I enjoy creating a positive atmosphere during group projects and work to maintain a steady head when completing projects. Elizabeth I is an inspiration to feminists and leaders all over the world.

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  1. You’re going to have so much fun with eminent this year– your notable is an absolute queen! (you don’t have to accept this comment hahah I’m just having fun)

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