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Disagree: A person or a thing must have a name to truly exist.

Why does a name represent an object . . . because we assigned it. The world of tangible ideas and objects is dictated by words and nouns. These nouns are most often names. However, it is possible for objects to exist without names. Firstly, objects are not confined to their given name. This is proven since many objects have multiple names in different languages and cultures. No object has one name and neither does any person. People have many names as well and are often called different things by different people. Secondly, before we assigned names to objects these objects were still a part of the universe. One such example is before North America was discovered by humans, North America still existed. Contrastly, although names do not define the existence of objects our perception is often limited to our vocabulary. Therefore you could say that our perception and understanding of objects and people is limited to our naming structure at a given time.

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