In-Depth Blog post #3

img_1380-1Throughout the last few weeks, I have done a lot of research into cooking, and cooking techniques and adaptations. Although at the beginning of my project I planned to focus on lentil and curry dishes I have realized that cooking is about techniques and comfort adapting recipes. During my last meeting with my mentor, we discussed broadening what we should cook to set a technical foundation. In this way, I will become more comfortable with several different dishes and cooking skills, and at the end of my project can focus more specifically on lentils and curry. During the last few weeks, I made a Thai red curry on my own and made another dinner with my mentor. I made skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, spring greens with a raspberry vinaigrette, roasted vegetables, and apple crisp. Although this doesn’t follow my original plan, I learned a lot of cooking skills. Such as how to hold a knife, how to form artificial convention currents on a Barbeque to improve roasting, and how to cook without a recipe. For all these dishes we used online recipes for ingredients and then did not look at the measurements. All the food turned out great!










According to Edward de Bono in How to have a beautiful mind showing interest in conversations and responding properly both play a part in having meaningful conversations with others. During my mentor meeting, I took an interest in his ideas with my project. My mentor suggested to “have a 100mile themed meal in the spring,” this would entail cooking with ingredients produced within 100miles of my house. In this way, we can promote and support local businesses. Similarly, to his 100mile themed idea, I suggested we do one dinner where we cook camping food to dehydrate for our summer trips. This would help me with my food planning for both TALONS and personal trips. Moreover, camping meals are my mentor’s favorite to cook and plan, as he always takes the lead on meal planning during our yearly trips. I demonstrated how to respond by “build[ing] upon that point in order to take it further” (pg64). I built around my mentor’s point of having a 100mile theme and suggested we theme more of our dinners to make it more interesting. Moreover, I responded to his 100mile idea with different businesses I knew in the area. By responding and showing interest in a deliberate manner we can improve the depth of our conversations with those around us.

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