In Depth Post #4

Throughout the last few weeks, I have done a lot of research on the different ways to modify recipes. Along with my mentor, I decided to make a vegetarian style meal. Vegetarian cooking is not my mentor’s specialty, so I compromised, and we made one meat dish. I made leek and potato patties with chimichurri sauce, a salad, and chicken satay. Links and photos can be seen below. Since we are getting further into in-depth, I made these dishes with little guidance from my mentor. Through cooking on my own I have a newfound appreciation for how much time goes into cooking. According to my mentor practice will improve the time it takes to prepare dishes, but cooking is a time taking process. I look forward to future mentor meetings and learning more.


Leek & Potato Patties 

Chimichurri sauce

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In Edward de Bono’s book on how to have a beautiful mind, we read a variety of pf chapters that have shaped my mentor meetings. One of the main points the book made is that “questions are a key means of interaction in any conversation or discussion” (88). During my mentor meeting, I was sure to direct shooting questions with the intention to probe information, and I utilized open-ended questions to learn new aspects of my in-depth project. I found shooting questions incredibly helpful to fill up time while cooking and reassure myself of my competence at skills. By asking shooting questions I was able to continue cooking with constant reassurance from my mentor. I utilized open-ended questions to check my different theories and research against my mentor’s opinion. I asked open-ended questions so that I could contrast my findings on the internet with my mentor’s opinion. I found that although the main ideas were the same differences of opinion were evident. I feel confident in my abilities to continue working effectively with my mentor and am enjoying in-depth thus far.

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