Is Canada a Nation?

Due to the arguments presented in the two provided articles and my own personal research, I believe Canada to be a country. Since Canada is made up of many different nations, we cannot cohesively agree on any specific ideals or values. Our identity as a country may be muddled with many different cultures, however individualistic beliefs and values that occasionally align with one and other do not make a nation. We have so many ethnicities, religious beliefs, and political parties that we cannot be considered a singular nation but rather a country full of different nations. Our physical country borders protect and serve our rights to belong to these different nations, but we are not one unified nation. Trudeau claims that “Canada has no core identity,” and believes Canada to be the first post-national state. However, this statement can be interpreted in many ways as said by the Vancouver Sun that Canada “is a place that respect for minorities trumps any one group’s way of doing things”. This interpretation requires all groups within Canada to be equal regardless of the population within each group. This doesn’t support our government though, because our political structure is a democracy and works on a majority vote principal. Every way we make political decisions is based on democracy and in pleasing the majority of the population. For example, when Quebec voted in 1995 for the referendum the majority won the vote, even though the vote was within 2% of each other. This shows how all large decisions are decided through the majority of voter’s opinions. As shown above, because of our numerous demographics and foundation of democracy being a Country is far more likely than a post-national state.



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