Math Art With Functions

Throughout creating my image using graphs I learned and used many mathematical skills. The most common equations I used was linear, quadratic, and square root functions. I also used circle, reciprocal, and trig functions for specific parts of my project. I started creating my project by using sin to create water. I then used a circle function to create the island. During these first two equations, I experimented with restricting domain and range. The next part of my project was to create the main part of my palm tree using quadratic equations. I had to experiment with different coefficient values in order to line up all the parts of the trunk of my tree. Moreover, I then started to create the coconuts and leaves. I finished the coconuts with relative ease filling them in using inequalities, but then came the leaves. This was the hardest part of my project as I had to experiment with different equations to create the angles for each of my leaves. Each leaf has a different variety of equations that were used to create their curves. Moreover, I had to spend a lot of time taking pieces out of different graphs to form the divots in the leaves of my project. This process was especially annoying even though a majority of the lies were linear. This is due to the exorbitant amount of time it took to adapt each graph. However, this added detail to my project and gave me more practice. By the end of graphing, I noticed an evident improvement in my estimation of domain and range. Overall, this project allowed me to become a lot more comfortable with graphs and more confident in my own mathematical skills.

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